Our green policy

Posted on November 20, 2014

Green policy

Over the last few months we've worked hard to reduce our impact on the environment, improving our reuse, reduce and recycle policy.

  • Most of our printing is completed locally for local customers. We don’t send large amounts of print around the country
  • Almost all the papers and boards we use are FSC accredited
  • Our digital printing equipment produces the minimum of waste; our colours are consistent and correct from the first sheet
  • We’re a small, local team; half of us use a combination of walking, cycling and public transport to get to work
  • We switch off equipment when it’s not in use
  • We ensure water taps are not left dripping
  • All of our waste paper and board is recycled
  • All of our toner cartridges are sent for recycling
  • We produce one wheelie bin of general waste every two weeks
  • When printing we double side documents wherever possible to reduce paper waste.
Benefits to our clients

The green policy we’ve adopted enables us to give our clients informed decisions about how the creative solutions we provide have an impact on the environment. By demonstrating this knowledge, our clients have a clear understanding how they will be investing in a design agency that is helping to make the world a better place whilst helping them to uphold their ethical principles.

Did you know?

On average one tonne of recycled paper:

  • Diverts 1.3 tonnes of waste paper from landfill
  • Needs 50% less energy to manufacture
  • Saves 1.32 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2).

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