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Pink 'n' Whites

Pink 'n' Whites


Pink 'n' Whites


Established in 1954 Pink ‘n’ Whites are a national brand that has been offering a family favourite low fat snack for generations. An iconic light pink and white fluffy marshmallow sandwiched between two crispy wafers.


Pink ‘n’ Whites approached us to refresh their brand to then create a national marketing campaign with a broader demographic reach than their previous campaigns.



Working closely with Pink ‘n’ Whites we developed a bold new visual style, along with a refresh of the logo and additional marketing assets to reinvigorate their brand presence. We also worked with them to create a new arm to their brand communication specifically reaching out to a younger demographic. The #PrettyTasty hashtag draws on the aesthetic of the Pink 'n' Whites and food sharing tendencies of the target audience to create engagement and exposure. This content has then been rolled out over multiple formats including social media, print, and video. 

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